Welcome to Studio DogBrain and the work of me, Martin G. Cameron You may not know my name but I expect that at one time or another you have seen my work, either in magazines & films or (especially) in games. I have been putting my art in cans from Canada to Kashmir my whole life but only professionally for about the last 35 years or so. As the son of a computer programmer I was an early adopter of 3D graphics as an integral part of my creative process, actually beginning when graphics were fed into computers via punch cards (I still have a couple of those program stack somewhere if you have a wobbly table). This led to my stint as the first 3D artist at the LUCASFILM games Division and the first artist to model the Star Wars Universe for any sort of game in 3D. My work since then has been for Game Companies (LucasArts, NAMCO, Broderbund, Spectrum Holobyte a bunch of other who have closed...), Magazines (ANALOG, Penthouse, Sports Car) The US Air Force, Chevron, SPORTSWORKS, Baylor College of Medicine and a whole bunch of other guys you probably never heard of. Currently I am working on animation and motion graphics for a couple of indie documentaries as well as building a shared Steampunk world with my long time pal, Robert E. Vardeman. The latter explains why my more recent work might skew in that direction a bit. So enjoy the art and animation herein contained and if you want to know more you can reach me via the handy dandy contact Page. For More information mgcameron@me.com Bio/contact